Chloe Browne | St Austell Brewery

Chloe Browne



Hobby or interest:

“Going to the beach, baking and going to the zoo!”

Best thing about working for St Austell Brewery?

“I feel like I have been given the opportunity to learn and progress. I have always been able to ask questions if I am unsure of something. Everyone is so friendly and has made me feel welcome.”

What were you doing before you were an apprentice?

“Working as a fleet management advisor”

What attracted you to the apprenticeship position?

“I always had an interest HR and in training and development of people. I wanted to learn more about this. I also liked the fact that this role was as an apprenticeship, because it meant that I would receive all the support I needed and I wouldn’t just be expected to know everything straight away”.

What did you find was the most interesting or enjoyable thing about your apprenticeship?

“Being able to work and get to know the people within the company at the same time as learning was great. Everyone was so friendly and they all took time to talk, give advice and help me whatever needed”.

Why a St Austell Brewery Apprenticeship?

“St Austell Brewery have really supported me through my apprenticeship and beyond! They have given me the time and support that I needed to learn whilst doing my day to day job. They have also encouraged me to move forwards in my career and continue to develop my skills and knowledge.”

What are you doing now?

“Throughout my course, I found that the HR side of things was most interesting to me. My line manager put me on a CIPD Level 3 course in HR and as a consequence of this, I am now the company’s ‘Retail Recruitment and HR assistant’. I am putting my new skills to use and I am continuing to support my colleagues and learn more about the whole people function”.

What’s next?

“Once I finish my current course, I would like to study CIPD in HR at Level 5. I am not sure yet though. In the mean time I am happy to continue with my current job role”

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